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Who we are

Avantis Consulting is a group of weathered professionals from all facets of business across the US who have combined their skills and time to collaborate on the development, restoration, and technical advancement of American companies.

With hundreds of years of experience among us, our focus is on the establishment, recovery, and growth of American companies.

With the advent of new business, health, and tax laws, as well as technology and social media marketing, business has become overly complicated in recent years. We simplify it. We help companies modernize and streamline technology and business processes, integrate them, mitigate loss, plug financial leaks, and bring them back to the black through modern business practices and an integrated technological presence, focusing on scalablility and growth.

Avantis Consulting is a wholistic business and systems development firm. We consider ourselves the paramedics for ailing and struggling small- to mid-sized companies and charities. While many firms are helping companies append just a corner of their processes and information systems, we're working with them from the ground up to clean house, assess their net value, liabilities and risks, and short- and long-term needs in business and tech. We help them redefine their brand, set attainable goals and milestones, and provide business and technological solutions that grow with them as they recover.

Our job is to pick them up, dust them off, and give them the tools they need as we point them in the right direction once again. Navigating companies back to True North is our mission.

Courtyard at Avantis Corporate Office

Our History

Avantis Consulting was originally founded as BarbWired Networks (BWN) in Dublin, Ohio in 2008 as a non-profit group. Through BWN, consultants could collectively work charitably in their spare time for small churches needing technical and business services, and provide business development plans for battered women needing a hand-up as they started their new lives.

The focus of BWN was much the same then as it is today; to assist in the profitable and debt-free growth of small businesses and entities, and to help them establish business protocols, information systems, and a web presence. BWN lobbied for, and procured, donated resources big corporations had outgrown, and equipped its clients with technical tools they wouldn't have otherwise been able to afford.

Meanwhile, BWN worked to advise its clients on strategic business and accounting practices, and provided a complete business analysis and business plan for future growth. The objective: The development and implementation of business and technological plans for debt-free growth, and to supply technological materials whenever possible.

In October, 2013, BWN began the transition to a for-profit entity, and changed its name to Avantis Consulting. With our consultants, some with PhD-level educations spanning 30 years in business and technology, Avantis offers unheard-of comprehensive, full-service business and technical development solutions.

Operating nationally, our consultants are located all over the US, and are current industry-leaders in their fields; sought-out and hand-picked based on exceptional credentials, and personal recommendations.

If you or your company would like to donate business or technological resources you've outgrown to Avantis's continuing cause of assisting in the development and recovery of small businesses, recovering battered women, and military personnel, please email us at contribute@avantisconsulting.com.